Bite Over All Has Been Pretty Good

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

Brown Trout
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Daddy's Guide Service

by Big Daddy

We have had a few ups and downs over the last week of fishing here at Lake Almanor. Winter wants to hold on but spring keeps knocking at the door, some days have seen bright sun and blue skies as well as snow showers sometimes only separated by a few minutes. The bite, over all has been pretty good (we did have one tough day) with the lake giving up both Browns and Rainbows to 6 pounds. We have found fish all over the lake, and I have the fuel bill to prove it, some of our moving around had to do with finding actively feeding fish to target and other times "Plan A" had to be changed due to ice formation that locked us out of certain areas. All that said 2019 fishing operations are well underway and it looks like it is going to be another fantastic year. If you are looking for dates, especially this spring, contact us as soon as possible and get locked in, the calendar is filling up.

Also this week, I had an opportunity to take John and Beth by the Almanor Fishing Association fish pens located in Hamilton Branch. I just happed to be speaking with AFA president John Crotty on the phone while he was on the pens, so we dropped in for a tour and to check out the growth of both the Rainbows and the Browns currently being raised. The fish are looking fantastic and growing well, they will be released into the lake later this spring.

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