Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Val and Randy Aubrey

Up dribble by day, down dribble by night. Next week I’m betting she’ll be picking up & at least stay flowing over the damn/weir for a while. This flow is approximately 2.30cfs as per the gauge and flow rate chart. Lol I’ll be sure to show the according cfs with each photo I post. Remember we need 500cfs for over 3 weeks to help make a difference. Time & temps will tell.

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Low temp peaked at -4F last night. Warming up, it’s 11F now & expected to rise to 28F. Only light dustings of snow the last 2 days. Maybe 1/2”. Going to be a chilly week but another chance for snow coming mid week. We’ll see! ...... Read More

Eagle Lake

North basin after 0F-15F low temps for a week. Only a couple inches of snow but pretty nonetheless. ...... Read More