Pardee Lake Sportfishing Report

Pardee Reservoir - Ione, CA

by Fred Dorman
(209) 772-1472

Continued great weather conditions this week! The temperatures have been in the high 80s to low 90s all this week and should continue throughout next week as well. Look for gentle morning and evening breezes and the same temperature ranges next week as well. The Lake level may have dropped another foot and is presently 13 feet below spill. Water at surface measured 78 degrees and 72 at the 20 foot mark. Water clarity is good to 20 feet.

Trolling: Trout continue to hold in 30 to 50 feet of water at the Mouth of the River, up the arm as far as Columbia, the Narrows and along the Barrel line in the south end. Reportedly the Trout continue to prefer worms behind flashers as of late.

Recent Success Stories: No pictures available at the Marina this week. Be sure before you head over to the cleaning station stop by the Marina to get those lunkers photographed so we can share your catch and story on the web.

Kokanee update! The Kokanee caught this week have all been near the Mouth of the River and the Rock wall. Most females are full of eggs and the males are beginning to exhibit the pronounced hooked jaw when ready to spawn. I have been watching posts on web message boards, blogs and fishing reports and all agree that the Kokanee fishery has improved substantially this year. Fish to 15 inches are commonplace in limits caught this month. We can all remember not so long ago when five or six inch Kokanee was all that was available for anglers here. Kokanee are showing up at 70 to 100 feet at the Mouth of the River and along the Rock Wall. Anything pink, hoochies, beaded spinners, Uncle Larry's along with 3.0-4.0 dodgers in watermelon, silver and green.

Bank Fishing: Saw some anglers working the "mud hole" this afternoon, but no hookups while I was there. I hear the bite is much better in the morning at Rainbow Point and way over on Stony Point Landing. Power bait balls, maggots and night crawlers get the nod from the more successful bank anglers. Hanging down from a surface bobber or floating up from the bottom on a sliding sinker, both are working well. Chartreuse, white and rainbow are the preferred power bait colors.

Bass: Some good size Bass caught along the Rock Wall, Copper Cove, Wanda's Cove, and the new rocky points emerging as the water level recedes.

Catfish: Lots of cats in the coves from Mel's to Rattlesnake in the south end, chicken liver is the bait of choice. Catfish simmered in tomato sauce with black olives, roasted red peppers and cooked artichoke hearts served over pasta-nothing better!

Trout Plants: As of today The Department of fish and Game has planted 3000 lbs, Pardee Lake has planted 50,600 lbs with more plants scheduled.

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