Sometimes You Catch Some Sometimes Ya Don’t

Lake Amador - Ione, CA (Amador County)

by Lake Amador Staff

Sometimes you catch some sometimes ya don’t....Sometimes your just a couple badasses that kill it every time on the lake like these two fishmasters!! 7 total, the biggest was almost 6lbs and all were caught trolling silver/blue broken back Rapalas. They said ”This was the worst trip yet, last time we got 9 and the time before that we landed 10!”

Opinion: Tactics must change when fishing for different species of trout. A Rainbow and even Golden’s feed much differently than a Cutbow. These Cutbows are wild in the tank, they stay low and attack the feed like a great white attacks a seal, where Rainbows tend to stay shallow and do more of a open mouth scoop feeding or pick pick pick style. This would explain why these Cutbows preferred a natural colored lure they had to attack. We are seeing much more activity on natural colored lures and less on bait or firetiger lures as we’ve been stocking mainly Cutbows for over a month now. Focus your tactics to the species but don’t forget in the next couple weeks we are going to crack open a pond full of Donaldson Rainbows and Golden’s as well...

I predict once you see those go in, power bait and firetiger will come back into play.

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