Klamath Steelhead biting into 2019

Klamath River - Upper - CA - Hornbrook, CA (Siskiyou County)

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

12/28/18 - Just another one of those gorgeous Klamath River Winter days, biting fish and blues skies .

We couldn't have asked for to much better fishing conditions on the river yesterday other then warmer temperatures. It was a calm crisp blue sky winter day and to top it off hungry hard fighting Klamath Steelhead. Jason and Kirtk had a steady action on the fish all day while back trolling Maglips and Jet divers with bait. 

The guys caught combined for a 20 fish day the biggest being over 20 inches and 4 pounds. It smashed a Maglip 3.0 lathered in Pro-Cure Carpspit. 

Fishing into 2019 is going to be awesome on the Klamath. The bite has been great and the numbers of fish have been consistent every trip.   

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