33,000 Pounds of Trout Stocked Since October

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

Sara Nece was out at the lake a few times over the last week and shared all of these pictures and commented, 12/19 “Good day out on the lake today. Grub and cut plug bite on the surface. First time pulling rocks outta a bows tummy!!! Ms. Trout Killer be back!!!”, 12/19 evening fishing Sara with Dennis Weaver “Fishing all day and all night!!!! Love catfishing!!!!” and 12/20 “Good day today on the water. 6 fish before noon!!!"
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sara Nece

by Lake Camanche Staff
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The Lake is ever so slowly coming back up again. Lake Camanche’s elevation was 219.05′ on 12/24/18 and at 73% full. The Lake was releasing approx. 336 C.F.S. while receiving 423 C.F.S. from Pardee again at the time of this report.
Mt. Lassen Trout planted on Friday 12/21 releasing 1,200 lbs. into the pond and of that plant 500 lbs. were lightning trout and 700 were rainbows. They also planted 1,200 lbs. at the south shore boat ramp and the last 1,200 lbs. to the north shore ramp for a total of 3,600 lbs. We are expecting an additional 3,600 lbs. sometime before next weekend with 1,200 lbs. to each drop locations. 33,000 lbs. of trout have been restocked at Lake Camanche since October.


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