Most overlooked winter steelhead destination in CA

Klamath River - Middle

Steelhead, Steelhead, Steelhead
Photo Credit: IGS

by Mario Gomez


(The most overlooked winter steelhead destination in California, for size and population).

For some reason the Klamath River in California doesn’t come up in a lot of discussions when folks are planning a winter steelhead outing and we are trying to figure out why. Klamath River Fising is amazing, and the Klamath has a good run of wild winter steelhead and if you’re looking for some solitude/piece and quite when you go fishing than the Klamath River should be your first choice. I don’t understand why people would rather go fishing on crowded rivers, where the boats are bumper to bumper, and stacked up in every hole to fish for a handful of bites, and if your lucky end up with a few fish. When the alternative could be to fish with pro guide Mario Gomez on the Klamath River, not see another boat, lose track of the countless bites, and if we end up with less than 10 fish a day than something is wrong.

I want to let all of you fisher people in on a little secret of mine. I have been fishing for steelhead my entire life and have been guiding now for well over 10 years in California, and Oregon and have yet to find another river that produces more bites, and more fish when it comes to winter steelhead fishing. Another misconception about the Klamath River and its winter steelhead is the size of its fish. Most folks would say the Klamath isn’t known for big fish. Well let’s put things into perspective if you’re looking for that 20 pound steelhead you might want to try the Umpqua, but if you’re looking for action and an opportunity to catch a trophy size fish the Klamath is a good bet. Take a look at the top 10 Klamath River winter steelhead Ironhead Guide Service has seen and you will see we catch plenty of big fish on the Klamath River.

Get a hold of me if you would like to BOOK NOW and expierence a secluded Klamath River wilderness fishing adventure. You will not be disappointed and I can assure you we will put fish in the net.

Mario Gomez is a Northern California and Southern Oregon professional fishing guide that chases salmon, trout, and steelhead on the most productive rivers in the Northwest. Pro guide Mario Gomez has spent his entire life fishing the Klamath River, but also follows the circuit and targets the California and Oregon coastal streams each year. If you are interested in fishing the Klamath River, Smith River, Chetco River, Umpqua River and Rogue River click on the website and book your trip today. To learn more about Mario visit Ironhead Guide Service, you can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or call him anytime @ (530) 598-0530.

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