Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by East Bay Regional Park District


Here is the fishing report from Captain Jacob at the Del Valle Marina:

The water temperature has dropped dramatically the last few weeks! Water temperatures are dropping at low as 50 degrees.

Lots of bluegill and other sunfish are being caught right now! These fish are easy catches for young anglers. We recommend using some red worms for the sunfish. They will find them! Fishing shorelines and near weed beds is usually the best place to look for these sunfishes. You will not have to wait long, the Bluegill are being very aggressive right now!


The catfish bite has slowed down although you can still catch them with chicken livers and anchovies. They like muddy water and cover so try to find some root wads or fallen trees in some of the bays. You can also try bait fishing the points of the coves out in Heron Bay and Swallow Bay.


The trout are really starting to come out in force with many angler’s catching their limits in coves out in Swallow Bay or on the East Beach. Mice tails seem to be their preferred bait, although you can get them on a night crawler or Powerbait. The white Powerbait and chartreuse and orange mice tails seem to be favorites. We have received one 1,000-pound plant and two 750-pound plants in the last couple of weeks, so trout fishing should continue to get better!


The bass have been very active in the last few weeks. Many anglers are reporting them being very aggressive towards nightcrawlers and earthworms. The best place to fish for them are the rock points along the edges of the lake. Most are hitting the nightcrawlers on the drop, so we recommend getting out there and casting, the less weight the better! You are going to want to drop the lure slowly to catch their attention. We recommend trying out some rubber crayfish lures or imitation worm lures on the bass that are hanging around the rock points or cruising in the coves by structure.


Striped bass are becoming more active and have been biting on large nightcrawlers. They can mostly be found running through the deeper sections of the lake. They are also hitting Kastmasters or small- to medium-sized swim baits. We’re also seeing striped bass schooling up and chasing the trout as they are planted into the lake. Throwing large swimbaits or drifting anchovies are the best ways to try and get these stripers.

Good Luck out there and if you stop by the marina, please come say hi to our staff and show us your catches! – Captain Jacob

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