Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville - Oroville, CA (Butte County)

by RB Bass

Water Clarity: Clear
Water Temp: 62-64
Wind: 2-10mph
Air temp: 75-85

I fished the North Valley Tackle Open this past weekend. I had pre-fished for it the Friday before and the Friday before that and can tell you the fishing is off the hook at Oroville right now.

Practice Day one

I fished the 26th of October in the main body mostly then up into the North fork all the fish I caught were more towards the main body of the lake. I used River2Sea rovers landing two fish, S-wavers getting two bites, then the majority of fish after that came on Yamamoto Hula Grubs in brown or green pumpkin. that got me about twenty fish. The key was to fish it slow in the 18-35-foot range, by slow I mean slow then just hop it every once in a while. Long points with wind blowing across them was the most productive.

On the 2nd of November I was fishing with my dad, we hit the middle basin and the main lake. The fishing was again stellar, For the first half hour I tried topwater and S-Wavers to no avail. then we moved to a cove and the fishing took off.

The Hula Grub bite and the Carolina rigged Baby Brush hog in green pumpkin with the tips of the tails dyed chartreuse was again the key to a lot of fish. We found that fishing in the 20-60-foot range seemed to be the best bite with better fish coming from the depths.

Fishing Tournament Day

Then tournament day fishing started great the brush hog loaded the boat by 8:15am culling by 8:20am threw in a spinnerbait fish and a couple drop-shot fish, then the trolling motor blew up and fishing got very tough still landed a few fish but couldn’t make it on the main body to get to the bigger fish. we tried but were very unsuccessful.

Ended the tourney with 6.24 but left a ton of fish on the main lake untouched. Get out to Oroville it is really popping right now.

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