Lake Oroville Fishing Report

Lake Oroville - Oroville, CA (Butte County)

by RB Bass

Weather: Sunny

Air temp: low 54 degrees to high 80 degrees

Water temp: 62-68 Degrees

Wind: Light 5-7mph

Water Clarity: 7ft on main lake, 2-3ft up middle fork

Lake level: -208ft from full.

I went out and Pre-fished for Future Pro Tours Northern event and checked out Lake Oroville for my second time. I first tried some main lake points and humps with great success on the River2sea Rover 128 size with a fast and medium speed walk the dog retrieve. The Rover was by far my most productive pattern for the day in the Sooner color.

After marking some locations that produced the better fish I moved on and headed up some of the river arms, I threw a S-waver 168 in Light trout in hopes of finding some better fish and was in luck, I caught a few spotted bass on the S-waver 168 in light trout color, but not as big as the ones on the Rover. However I had about a 5lb Largemouth follow it to the boat on a point so I reeled it away from her, marked and moved on. At least the fish I was looking for showed itself. I didn’t get her in the tournament but that’s fishing ha ha.

I ran farther up river to where the colder water ran in and found some good fish staging on points that had current flowing past them. Quite a few fish had stacked in there waiting for a meal to pass by and the ones I caught were on a Canopy Grenades ½ oz Football head jig in Brown Purple with a Missile baits Twin turbo trailer that matched. Some fish had sculpin in their mouths and others had dark brown craws which proved why that color was working so well.

The lake level is over 200 feet down. Be careful, there are a lot of exposed trees, humps just under the surface and other obstructions. The waterfalls look pretty sweet coming off the top of the hills in some spots and the fishing is pretty good right now. Good luck out there!

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