Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by East Bay Regional Park District


The lake temperature here at Lake Del Valle has been hovering at the 69-73 degree range.

The sunfish only want tiny worms on trout hooks so if you can hook into one, they are biting by the fallen and dead trees in the water along the west shore of the lake. They are easy catches for the kids!


Catfish have been biting as well, and they are hiding in the weed mats near shore. Any sort of stink bait will work well, although the anchovies and sardines are their favorite.


The trout are still in the deep water and we have not had many reports of catches, but keeping out a Powerbait rod just in case never hurts! Garlic scent has been their favorite this summer.


The smallmouth and largemouth bass seem to be hiding in the heavy reed patches along the shoreline. The bass bite has been great for angler’s who are trolling. You are going to want to troll about 10-20 feet down. Panther Martin spinners have been doing well but rooster tails or even putting a skirt on the spinners has produced good results if you are looking to target bass. Frog lures and rubber crayfish baits have been working decently.


Striped bass are still hitting on top of the water, although, unless you can imitate live or dying shad, they will ignore your lure. We recommend flukes, running a Kastmaster on the top, or you can try jigging a Spoon right below the surface to imitate a dying shad. These are great ways to get a striper on your line!

The most reliable bait at this point is anchovies, but mackerel are also doing well for larger fish and for casting into the deep channel.

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