Striped Bass Exceed Over 20 Pounds!

Sacramento Delta

by California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau

Anglers are advised to take your pick on fishing the Delta waterways for there are a variety of species readily willing to take your bait or strike your favorite trolled lure or plug.  Field scouts report that some anger sized striped bass have entered the system, and many of them exceed over 20 pounds in weight.  Some have said that these are fish that have migrated back into the Delta waterways from the salt waters of the bay.  This means we just might be experiencing a early fall-run this year.  Also, available is the excellent largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing that is taking place on both the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers.  Also, as a bonus, the salmon have begun their annual spawning migration in the Sacramento, Feather and American rivers where there have been reports of fair to good action from Freeport into the upper rivers.  Locally, anglers on the troll in Old Sacramento River are using doubled-bladed Silvertron spinners, Blue Fox spinners and Wiggle Warts.  Further upstream near Freeport they cast Flying C spinners from the shoreline.  The best lures to entice salmon in the Feather or American rivers is to back tools with a T-55 Flatfish or side drifting with salmon roe.  Most of the recent catches have been averaging 15 to 28 pounds.
Note: The Sacramento River from the Deschutes Road Bridge to the Red Bluff Diversion Dam opened on August 1 and they expect top-notch fishing there also Information: (530) 755-7196.

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