Eureka Albacore

Photo Credit: Reel Steel Crew

by Sherry Klassen
(707) 499-4925

TUNA! TUNA! TUNA!  We made our first tuna trip of the season. There was a breeze offshore but overall conditions were very pleasant. We dropped in and trolled for an hour or so with no luck so we went a bit further and found the 62 degree deep blue water that the tuna like. Our first hit was a swing and a miss but told us we were in the right zone. Then we started to get some hookups. It was never wide open but it was steady. We tried live bait on many of the stops but only got three bait fish for our efforts. We were quite a ways out so I told the gang we would have to head back at 1:30. At 1:25 we had five rods go off at once and they landed all five so it was a great end to a great day. We ended with 22 fish from 10# to 30# for five anglers.

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Reel Steel

Captain Tim Klassen
Reel Steel Sportfishing
Eureka, CA

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