California Delta Fishing Report

California Delta

by RB Bass

Air temperature: 62-99
Wind direction/speed: NW 2-11 mph
Water temperature: 72-79
Tidal influence: low outgoing, low incoming

Moon phase: first quarter 51% visibility

On June 20,2018 I had the pleasure of guiding two time client Christopher Mayer who resides in Folsom, California.

We promptly launched my Ranger bass boat at 05:30 hours at Whiskey Slough marina and dry boat storage located at 3401 S. Whiskey Slough Road, Holt, California, 95234.

As we exited the dock and headed North I noticed the tide was ripping out and bait fish were surfacing all over the slough. Striped bass of various sizes were in a feeding frenzy all around us.

I glanced up at the moon and noticed it was atleast fifty percent visible and I told Chris we will have an opportunity at a big fish today. We exited the five mile per hour zone and ran North about ten minutes.

The tide was on its last thirty minutes of outgo and the sun was beginning to rise. I had Chris throwing a River2sea Rover in bone color, while I was chucking and winding a River2sea Crystal buzz.

The striped bass were exploding all around us and we boat several under sized shakers that definitely lived up to their name. The size was lacking on these schoolers so we idled down the bank.

We came to a stretch of river where there was rocks, grass, and tulles present. The tide was extra strong in this area and an open trough acted as a runway to the sparse tulles. This area looked extremely promising.

We caught several medium size largemouth in quick order which allowed us settle down and get our timing dialed in. I casted my buzz and burned it in towards the boat. Just as it crossed over the weed line into the open water a rocket of a bass came blasting straight out of the water choking my buzzbait.

Chris and I both have never seen a fish explode like that on a topwater bait. I cranked in the fish and flipped it up onto the deck. Chris and I looked at the fish flopping on the deck and we both couldn’t believe I just boat flipped a ten pounder.

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