Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by East Bay Regional Park District


The weather this week has been very cold with morning temperatures in the low-30s that climb up into the high-50s to low-60s throughout the day. The surface temperature this week has dropped down to 52 degrees. The hot bite this week is still trout with many anglers having success.

Our good friend Dr. Al Hurwitz came out the last two weeks to drag some line and here are his reports:

“Al Hurwitz of Saratoga and Abbey Lev of Sunnyvale trolled the lake on December 14th, looking for rainbow trout. The reservoir had dropped about 15 feet from its high point earlier this year, and there was more water staining and less clarity than previously. Surface water temperature was 55-56 degrees. We trolled over structure, by points, and in the flats with only minimal success and a few strikes. We caught and released one rainbow about 1.25-1.5 lbs and one smallmouth bass weighing 1.5 lbs. We were flat lining with light weight rods using 1/4 oz. Rooster Tails in various colors (the fish seem to like variations of chartreuse). Applying scent to the lures probably helps.

I think trolling results will get better as the water clarity improves. For now, I suggest using vibrating lures with bright colors trolled at 2 mph, trolled 5-10 feet below the surface. Look for better trolling water uptake in the areas of Heron and Swallow Bays. Fishermen using Powerbait and natural baits will do well in any area of the lake, since the scent will draw in the fish, even in stained water.

Happy holidays! -Dr. Al Hurwitz"

"Al Hurwitz of Saratoga and Abbey Lev of Sunnyvale trolled the lake on December 21st. This was the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year, and one of the coldest mornings we have ever experienced at Del Valle (air temperature 28 degrees at 7:00 am). Given the stained water, we trolled with Flatfish type lures to give off plenty of vibration. We also applied scent to the lures. We were looking for rainbow trout, but to our amazement, we caught three largemouth and two smallmouth bass, four of which were in the 1.5-2.5 lb range. The lures were trolled about 10-12 feet below the surface while flat lining. The fish were caught in two areas: on the western shore opposite the area between Heron Bay and Swallow Bay; and on the rock wall by the buoy line near the dam. The water surface temperature was 51-53 degrees. The fish fought well, but (because of the cold water temperature) not as forcefully as during the summer months. We were quite surprised to have such a nice bass bite on this very cold winter's day. The water was clearer than last week, and we hope to pick up some trout soon by trolling spoons, Rapalas, and spinners as the clarity continues to improve.

See you soon. All the best for the holidays. -Dr. Al Hurwitz"


For catfish most anglers have been catching them in deep water channels or fishing around rock walls. Best baits to use are anchovies, chicken liver or night crawlers.


For trout most anglers are using either Powerbait or mice tails. I would also recommend using either Kastmasters or small spinners. Some boaters have had success trolling with spinners or small jerk baits as well.


Black Bass are a good target this time of year, most anglers like to use soft plastics (swim baits, robo worms, Senkos, etc.) I would also recommend using either a crank bait or a top-water lure (Heddon Spook, pencil poppers, etc.) Look for fallen trees, rocky points and tule patches.

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