Clear Lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by RB Bass

Water Temps mid 60’s
Water stained to 3ft clairity
Weather 44-85 deg clear Sunny.

Fishing has been very tough at Clear Lake this Fall so far. The lake is trying to recover from huge spraying ,fish die offs, and Tournament Fishing Pressure. With this being said you can locate fish and they will remain in the same area for weeks. My best success has been throwing reaction, and going pitching and punching . There has been a steady dock post bite for 2 months now, but you have to cover water and fish a ton of Dock posts. Make sure to change up baits and weights when doing so. One day the drop shot will dominate and the next it could be pitching Havoc Pit Bosses or dragging Brush Hawgs. Throw at the same post 2-3 even 4 times with different angles to draw strikes. For me the reaction bite has been on the IMA ISV this is a suspending Rattle Bait.

I can throw this bait into very shallow water and work it out or I can parallel tules and rocks making long casts to draw strikes. One day its a pause and retrieve type action and the next day its a steady reel that gets the nod. This bait is excellent and this bite will improve as the water cools down. Keep in mind its a Suspending Rattle Bait!

The pitching and Flipping bite is there but you have to cover water to find areas the fish are holding up in. I will fish 500 yards of tules in the North with no bites and in a 25 feet section ill get 4-8 bites. Berkley Havoc Pit Boss and Big and Small Brush Hawgs have been getting bites, Green pumkin colors have been the best.

I’m pitching 3/8 oz Reins Tungsten Football heads and Punching 1.oo oz River2Sea Trash Bombs. I read the tules and make presentations accordingly. Heavy cover gets the punch and sparse cover gets the pitch and drag presentation. The punch bite has been in super skinny shallow water like a foot or less.

Good Luck !
Ron Howe

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