California Delta Fishing Report

California Delta

by RB Bass

Water temp: mid 70s to high70s.

Launched out of Paradise Point Marina at around 12pm and headed to Mildred for my first stop. Picked up the frog rod and began looking for holes in tulles. Right off the bat missed 2 blow ups and didn’t connect on either. Ran towards Little Madeville and began throwing a white spinnerbait and boated one about 3lbs. Saw some healthy hydrilla on a tulle berm and decided to pick up the new Phenix Recon Elite 805 punch rod with a Missile Baits D-bomb in California Love color and punched a 4 ½ pounder. Went down the bank a little more and punched another 3 pounder on an isolated hyacinth patch. Caught several others in the 2lb range doing the same thing. As the tide went slack it got tough and we went a while without catching any fish. As the sun was coming down we ran back over to Mildred and began throwing frogs again looking for tulles creating pockets. I pitched my Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect frog in the “Fred’s Frog” color and there was another solid fish that weighed almost 3 1/2 pounds. While I’m taking my fish off the hook my buddy sets the hook on decent fish. All in all it was a great day caught a bunch of fish but was really looking for that kicker. Our best 5 weighed 16-17 pounds.

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