Jenkinson Lake Fishing Report

Jenkinson Lake - CA (El Dorado County)

by RB Bass

Water temp 68-71
Air temp 75
Water visibility 5-8 feet
Wind 5-8 mph
Lake level 100%

I decided to fish Jenkinson lake for the first time. I went June 1-3. This report is day 2 of fishing. June 2nd. I got on the lake around 4pm and fished til 8pm. Launched at the second ramp up in the narrows.

The water was warmer this day. 71 degrees. There we a lot of submerged trees due to the high water level so I immediately started to fish those. I started with a weedless drop shot 4.5 inch Roboworm Aaron’s Magic and prism shad were my go to colors. I ended up picking off a few spotted bass right away. I decided to stay with this pattern and work my way all the way to the back of the lake. Switching from a Drop Shot to a 1/8 oz ball head jig with a 3.3 keitech. The bite was hot! All fish caught at this point were spotted bass which was a little weird because I was told the lake was heavily populated with smallmouth. After catching a bunch of Spots I decided to fish a area with a little more rock and steeper banks to find some Smallmouth. My technique Stayed the same. I was fishing a dropshot with a 4.5 inch roboworm and 1/8 ounce ball head keitech in electric shad. After Fishing the bluff wall for about 30 minutes I finally got a good smallie on the dropshot .

Once I found where they were the bite was on fire. I started to swim a keitech in the middle of the water column once it got later in the day and a little cooler air temps, that seamed to make those fish suspend. Once it got to be low light I moved shallow again to try and get some topwater action. I was throwing a smaller Spook and a Popper. Both baits got 1 blow up each, But with no takers. After Fishing topwater for a hour it was time to head back to the ramp. I thought the lake was a great fishery and I can’t wait to get back and fish some more water.

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