Best Bass Bite

Trout Lake - Montague, CA (Siskiyou County)

Largemouth Bass
Deep Cover Bass
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

The best Bass bite of the season is happening at Trout Lake as I write this report. Conner and I fished all day Saturday and lost track of how many Bass we caught and released. Many of the fish we caught were in the 2 to 4 pound class with a few nearing 5 pounds. 

The bigger Bass are in the shallows spawning and that is where we focused our efforts. Conner fished a puppy spook and a hula popper farther out and caught a lot of smaller bass hence the reason we focused on the shallow cover. The hot bait was a 6 inch watermelon redflake worm fished weightless on 3/0 hook.  Letting the worm naturally sink with an occasional twitch was all it took to get a strike. Many times as soon as the worm hit the water it got hammered.

Conner and I sight fished most of the morning but once the Sun was directly overhead we changed our tactics. We fished deep in the cover looking for any small pockets of open water in the tall reeds.  The change in tactics  proved to be a great move. The Bass were extremely aggressive once the worm fell below the cover and they bit hard all afternoon.

The Trout fishing has been spotty . The bite turns on and off but when you do get bit it has been well worth the wait. The quality of the Trout being caught has been outstanding.  These Trout have been hard fighting and good size. Many going 18 inches and up. Trolling Sep's spoons or fly fishing small emerger patterns have been the main methods to get bit. 

Trout Lake is only open 3 days a week. It is an artificial bait only body of water and is mostly catch and release. You are allowed 2 Trout and one Bass over 22 inches if you choose to keep. Electric motors are allowed. 

This is one of more scenic bodies of water Northern California has to offer. You have picturesque views of all the local Mountain ranges as well Mount Shasta. There is no better place to fish and watch the sun rise. Give me a Call/Text 530 905 0758 or email me at  if you'd like catch the entire experience. 

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