Clear Lake Fishing Report

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by RB Bass

I’ve fished the lake from top to bottom this week .I,m finding stained water down south with low sixty degree water. The South has not been great for me, I’m catching most of my fish on the A-rig and the drop-shot in deep water transition area’s near dock’s. Mid-lake has been about the same with the exception of lot’s of bite’s to be had ‘most on the A-rig and a few on jig’s. The Oak’s is my back yard and I’m sad to say I can’t buy a bass bite, The shad are here and the crappie are here but I can’t find the bass. The water temp is in the low sixties so they can’t be far behind. The North has been my go to area from long tule point all the way to rodman .I’m finding mid sixty degree water with a slight stain to be consistent throughout the North. The fish are in full spawn mode up North, I’m catching them on a drop-shot flipped into high percentage spots by trees and open holes in the tulles. In the clear water I’m able to find them on beds. When it’s windy or I cant see the bottom I’m running the dock’s with a under spin rigged with a four inch swim bait and the A-rig. It’s been getting very windy here in the evening’s and you need to plan your trip with that in mind. Trust me. You don’t want to make the run from top to bottom right now if you don’t have to. Hope this helps some of you out. Good Luck and catch that Bass of a life time Bob Tyler

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