Striped Bass Show Their Faces As The Sacramento River Recedes!!!

Sacramento River - Colusa - Colusa, CA (Colusa County)

Striped Bass Show Their Faces As The Sacramento River Recedes!!!
Colt's first striped bass with father Jason Clack from Corning, Ca
Photo Credit: Mike Rasmussen

by Mike Rasmussen

     The Sacramento River is producing limits of linesides for anglers willing to get on the river despite the daily changing weather and river conditions.  Northern California has been anything but predictable when it comes to the weather and river forcast this wet and sometimes winter like spring striped bass run. Anglers with sunburns and shorts one day find themselves layered up in bibs and jackets the next. Northern California fishing has been a lot in the same. One day knocking the crap out of the striped bass in one spot or on one river, and the next day having to change hole locations or river systems to get back on the fish.  "With every change comes new and undiscovered oppertunities." Reports Sacramento River striped bass fishing guide Mike Rasmussen, owner of  Rasmussen going on to report that conditions, although not favorable for most angler, can be very rewarding and educational as angling in high river levels this year seems a bit unusual following five plus years of drought and restricted water levels. When striped bass enter the river system to spawn they do not disapear durring high water releases or run off.  They simply change their living situation, and remain very catchable if known where to target efforts in catching them.  

     Mike Rasmussen reports limits of striped bass to 10 pounds being caught this week by his customers fishing the Sacramento River primarily down river from Colusa, Ca. The more average size of bass being retained actually remains an average of 19 to 20 inches with several 4 to 5 pounders mixed in every daily bag limit. "The action has been solid this week so far. We have been picking most of our fish up on anchor with sardines or minnows, but occationally trolling for quality fish on the rip rap around the Meridian, Ca bridge on Hwy 20." Rasmussen explained.  The Sacramento River has the biggest most abundant run of spring striped bass, and catchable numbers are always going to show up here on the Sacramento River. Before listening to the doom and gloom reports of other people in the industry when it comes to yet another major river rise here on the Sacramento River and as well as on the Feather River, use your own intuition and ambition to get out there and target these nice keeper sized striped bass no matter the river conditions. 

     Rasmussen remains available for bookings with another guide and 23 foot jet sled capable of reaching the six person maximum easily and with comfort. is also booking some select night time guided striped bass fishing trips, starting this week and continueing for the remainder of the season. Weathert permitting of course. Night striped bass trips consist of, our guests' limit of striped bass caught either cast and retrieving small swim baits or trolling for these linesides after dark and until the midnight cut off, marking the end of the fishing trip.  Trips last from 5pm until midnight and have been action packed using only artificial baits like black plastic worms, white swimbaits, and lucky craft 500's are thrown for your limit of striped bass. Night trips may be colder then day trips currently and a full set of heavier clothing is recomended to bring with you just in case. People who don't like to fish around crowds and are not bothered by being on the river after dark are rewarded with easy fishing and lots of action as disturbe striped bass put down by the heavy day time traffic of striper season are recomended to check into these trips offered by fishing guide Mike Rasmussen. Who reported on April 10 and 11, night trips trolling broken back Rapala's have been action packed with limits plus fishing being experienced by his customers. Mike can be reached at 530-722-8876 or on the website link above. Also you can find Mike Rasmussen on FaceBook or email him at salmonsacriver@gmailcom. Don't let this season of high water pass you by.....

Mike has called Northern California home his whole life. Fishing the streams of the eastern sierras for trout and the Russian river for steelhead as a young boy, his passion for fishing and the outdoors consumed his childhood as knowledge was gained. Attending high school in Corning, Ca, Mike also spent a great deal of time on the banks of the Sacramento river, chasing Salmon, Steelhead, American Shad and Striped Bass. Mike was fortunate enough to have been taught by some experienced guides that have since passed. Now a guide himself over the last decade, he prides himself on providing a comfortable, fun and enjoyable experience for all those he guides. You will not find another guide in Northern California as devoted as Mike and that spends the amount of time on the water as he does. It definitely shows at the end of the day when the fish are counted.

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