Striped Bass Show Up In The Sacramento River

Sacramento River - CA

Keeper striped bass caught by Ryan Tripp on March 18, 2017
Photo Credit: Mike Rasmussen

by Mike Rasmussen
Website  striped bass fishing guide Mike Rasmussen reports that small groups of striped bass have arrived in the Sacramento River from Butte City, Ca to Grimes, Ca. Rasmussen reports the bite for the striped bass has been mainly a anchor bite, with pile worms and cut bait such as anchovies, and sardines working best for the linesides. Limits are possible with a day spent soaking bait but the lights out action that Northern California anglers are looking for is still yet to come. Reports of bigger groups of striped bass have been coming in this week as the schools move through the delta and metro Sacramento, Ca.   If a few fish tacos is what you are looking for, wait no longer. Kittles Outdoors in Colusa California has all the popular cut baits and plenty of large jumbo minnows for the arrival of the striped bass. 

    The Sacramento River is projected to rise again this coming week and fishing for striped bass may be haulted until the river starts to drop after this weeks series of Pacific storms move on and high pressure sets back in. The Sacramento River sturgeon action on the other hand is still going strong with a fish a trip average being reported by sturgeon fishing guide Mike Rasmussen. Rasmussen will continue to run trips through this river rise and until the first week of April when he will switch primairily to the Sacramento River striper run which will by then be in full swing. 

     Don't hesitate to get out on the Sacramento River and soak some bait, there are plenty of oppertunities to be had on the river at this time. You just have to get out there and spend the time on the water.

Mike has called Northern California home his whole life. Fishing the streams of the eastern sierras for trout and the Russian river for steelhead as a young boy, his passion for fishing and the outdoors consumed his childhood as knowledge was gained. Attending high school in Corning, Ca, Mike also spent a great deal of time on the banks of the Sacramento river, chasing Salmon, Steelhead, American Shad and Striped Bass. Mike was fortunate enough to have been taught by some experienced guides that have since passed. Now a guide himself over the last decade, he prides himself on providing a comfortable, fun and enjoyable experience for all those he guides. You will not find another guide in Northern California as devoted as Mike and that spends the amount of time on the water as he does. It definitely shows at the end of the day when the fish are counted.

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