March is on for McCloud Rainbow Trout

McCloud Reservoir - McCloud, CA (Siskiyou County)

Conner with one of our double Rainbow hook ups
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

Winter has made fishing tough just about everywhere in Northern California but Mother Nature has finally begun to show us signs that spring is not far away.

Watch the under water beauty of McCloud 

Sunday on McCloud reservoir it definitely felt like a wonderful spring day, one cannot go wrong with 70 degrees, sunny and biting Trout. The Reservoir is full of amazingly clear blue water. The only downside is one must be very careful of floating wood debris. The high water has pulled a lot wood debris off the bank most of it is small and not a problem to fish around, but if you're going to get up on plane, be aware of the sub surface prop killers. There are some large branches and logs that can be dangerous at higher speeds.

With that said, Rainbow Trout fishing is very good right now.  A gold Sep's kick dodger with a gold Super duper is all you need to get an easy limit of fantastic hard-fighting and great eating Trout. Be sure to dip your Super Duper in Pro-Cure Shrimp Krill oil it really makes a difference. Trolling speeds between 1 and  2 mph in a simple S pattern is the best way to get the Trout to bite.

I often use my Cannon Mag 20 down riggers, but if you don't have down riggers don't worry, the slow troll gets the Sep's deep enough.  I did have my down riggers in use at depths between 20 and 30 feet and was getting bit often. Thomas buoyant spoons in the brown trout pattern and Sep's dodgers with orange Sep's grubs also worked well.

The bite was steady all day in the main body channel and Trout could be seen rising often.

Conner and I also had opportunities to cast flies to rising Trout or conventional gear such as rapalas and spoons. Trolling slow was definitely the best overall method on Sunday.

If you're looking to get out, give me a call. Fishing will only get better as we head into Springtime and Summer.

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