Delta Fishing Report

Delta Lake - CA (Modoc County)

by RB Bass

Launch: Orwood Resort

Weather: low pressure building with cloud cover and a chance of rain

Water: The tide was going out but the water was still very high, the water temperature was right at 55 degrees.

Plan: Fish towards Holland Cut, after fishing with chatterbaits this past Saturday and having a fair bait, and with the pressure moving in I started the day with the same technique used Saturday – chatterbait.

For about 30 minutes I fished a big flat with the TNT BAITS Claymore Chatterbait, then I turned back around and fished the same flat with a red River2Sea Biggie square bill crankbait, not one bite!

I moved to another big flat with the hopes that some big-girls would be up cruising the shallows. After another 45 minutes of throwing the Chatterbait and Crankbait still not one fish. Just the night before I read an article in Bass Angler Magazine called Late Winter Bass Migration and how fast the weather can make these fish move. I decided to move away from a reaction bait and try some flipping, I stopped at a river bend with riprap to try some deeper tulles. I flipped a ½ oz. black and blue TNT Wadda Jig for another half hour without a bite. I sat down to drink a bottle of water and thought about what I should do next. Then it hit me: After fishing two of the spots where I thought the fish should have moved into, the only place left was deeper water. So, I turned around and went back to the first flat I fished and tied on a ¾ oz. TNT M80 football jig tipped with Savage Gear Reaction Crayfish. I stayed back from the flat and casted up to about 6 ft. and worked the jig down to about 15 ft., on my third cast a healthy three pounder chocked the jig. I got two more fish on that spot and at least one on every spot I stopped where there was a big flat that would roll off to at least 15 ft.

I didn’t get any big fish today but managed to catch 7 fish, with my best five weighing a little over 13 lbs.

I think my best take away from this day on the water is it’s good to have a game plan; but keeping an open mind and making adjustments throughout the day can turn not catching fish into a fish catching day!

The Delta is getting ready for some great spring fishing, so get out there and try some of the different techniques I talked about and catch some fish! God bless and good fishing. Charlie King

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