Lake Amador Fishing Report

Lake Amador - Ione, CA (Amador County)

by Lake Amador Staff

We have lowered the fishing cost from $9 a person down to $7! Just as a reminder the Reservation Book opens the second Friday in February (2/10/17) at 8:00am. The phones will be busy most of the day. We also will be having another plant later this week of 1,200lbs. The Fishing is starting to pick up again with reports from shore fisherman that they are in the top 5 feet and close to shore. Power Eggs, Night Crawlers and PowerBait are the bait of choice right now. The Dam put out a lot of fish this past weekend with fisherman fishing the edge of the debris line. The Spillway has been consistently a good area to fish as well. Trolling has been slow with the water still stained, but boaters have been bait fishing the back of the lake and coves that shore fisherman cant get to. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook for more catches and details!

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Well with it raining all week again not much has changed with the water clarity or in the fishing department. The lake is still brown, but luckily last week the wind was on our side and help us push much of the debris covering the dam area to and out of the spillway. Using bait that has an odor to it is still recommended, since the fish are relying more on smell than vision. We got some reports from fisherman...... Read More

Wow, that was a heck of a lot of water we got last week! We spilled and them some, flooding the lower access road to the lake and forcing us to close until it receded. We have another plant coming later this week. The lake is pretty muddy and there is plenty of debris around at the dam and in the Jackson creek area. With the water like it is using bait that has an odor to it...... Read More