Delta Water Quality Plan Hearings Scheduled

Sacramento Delta

by California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau

Earlier this year thousands of Restore The Delta supporters signed a petition urging the State Water Resources Control Board to update outdated water quality standards for the Bay-Delta region. Now we need your action in person. Presently this outdated, 20 year old Water Quality Control Plan allows more than half the water needed for the Delta’s ecological health to be diverted away for unsustainable Big Agriculture in the west and south San Joaquin Valley.
The State Resources Control Board is currently in phase 1 of updating the plan and the need to make sure that the State Water Board gets it right and is not influenced by special interests. New water quality standards that truly protect communities and species is a proactive step that helps ensure reliable water supplies for all water users of the Bay-Delta.
We need you to make your comments! The public comment process ends January 17, 2017, and all hearings conclude January 3, 2017. Please limit your oral comments to 3 minutes in length.

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