Little Truckee River Fishing Report

Little Truckee River - CA (Sierra County)

Photo Credit: Mountain Hardware and Sports

by Mountain Hardware & Sports
(530) 587–4844

Low flows here now say that ethical fly flingers will stay away from here and not beat on the trout that are subjected to endure this awful flow rate. If you feel the need to fish this system or the guide who suggests to fish here I would suggest throwing your morals out the window, don’t do it! That’s the opinion most of us share but you’re going to do what you think is right. With that, this downgrade in flows fishing here has got tough and the use of stealth and light lines is required to fool the trout thru this stretch of water. Pressure may be High here as many still will pursue the big trout lure of this tiny tailwater. Trout here will be feeding on a steady diet of Midges and BWO/Baetis, so have all stages of these bugs in your box. The rule of thumb here has been 5x-6x depending on the situation. Fall backs to use are San Juan Worms when nothing else seems to work. Hint: the bigger fish in this system prefer emergers over adults most the time, so learn how to fish emergers effectively. Brown’s here are starting to think spawn, so leave them alone, don’t handle them (that means no grip & grins people), and for whatever reason don’t target spawning fish!

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