Lake Sonoma Fishing Report

Lake Sonoma - Healdsburg, CA (Sonoma County)

by RB Bass

So i decided to hitch up the C&C wrapped Triton,Mercury package and deal with the rain and find out how lake Sonoma was doing. Lake Sonoma is around 2700 surface acres and 50 miles of shoreline when full. The lake is located 20 minutes west of Healdsburg california and is only 30 minutes from me. Having not fished it in over a year, i dumped the boat in and checked the water conditions. Overcast,Light rain, wind picking up, water is 4-6′ visibility and 65 degrees. i pulled out a DD22 in sexy shad and a white and chartreuse 3/4oz spinnerbait with double nickel willow leaf blades. Lake Sonoma has 2 main arms, Warm springs arm and a dry creek arm. Warm springs arm is usually warmer so i head up the dry creek arm looking for cooler water temps. The lake has a lot of standing trees all over the place but i hate fishing trees so I check a few little fingers off the main body for bait but don’t find any. so i pick a chunk rock bank and start with the blade. My first fish was a nice 2 1/2# smallmouth, a few casts later i hook into a nice 4# largemouth and then nothing for a couple hundred yards. I notice the 2 fish come off of the chunk rock on a 45 degree bank on the slow rolled spinnerbait, so i start running that pattern. At the end of the day i had caught 13 fish with the best 5 weighing around 15 pounds. Not a bad day on the water, even if it was raining !

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