Lake New Hogan Fishing Report

New Hogan Reservoir - Valley Springs, CA (Calaveras County)

by RB Bass

Water temp 66
Water clarity 1-3
Wind 10-15

Lake New Hogan -Valley Springs ca

With the first storm of the year I thought we could get some good action at Lake New Hogan we started on main lake looking for striper boils with not much going on I moved back to the river using my electronics found some marks in 18 to 27 ft depth. I started with a bass pro shop 1oz spoon and BOOM started smashing a variety of fish, first it was a giant school of crappie, after about an hour of Cody Coleman and I slaughtering some crappie I looked around and found we were on a out side channel swing so I knew my depth and where some fish wanted to be so with that we moved to the next swing and quickly started catching large mouth on the spoon after an hour or so the bite slowed so we moved to the next swing and BAM there we’re the stripers we were able to catch a few so in all it was a great day the spoon was definitely the key to success .

Article by
Michael Coleman

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