Klamath River Fish Report for 12-6-2012

Klamath River - Upper - CA - Hornbrook, CA (Siskiyou County)

by Scott Caldwell

Hungry Steelhead and Trout are slamming the crawdad plug. The latest storm blew out most California Rivers but not the upper Klamath; if anything it stirred the pot, putting the Steelhead and Trout on the crawdad feedbag. On my most recent trip, with my clients Bob and Holly, we found the Steelhead and Trout preferred the rebel crawdad plug over our other offerings. All of our bigger fish were caught while back trolling the crawdad plug, we did land a few nice Trout on whole threaded night crawlers back trolled behind a Luhr Jensen Jet divers as, but the crawdad plug was the best bang for your buck. Fly fishing nymphs, egg patterns, and stoneflies under an indicator are working, as is bait bounced on the bottom. Holly must have been holding her breath just right on this trip, she hooked and landed all the bigger Steelhead (3 to 4 pound class) on the day. Of course, it would not be right to go home without a story about the big one that got away. Once again, Holly was the main character in the story. We were back trolling crawdad plugs in some slow water when Holly’s drag began to scream that sweet song of line ripping off the reel. At that moment, Holly looked at her husband Bob and said, "Bob do you want to reel this one in”? Bob and I both knew by the sound of drag Holly had the best fish of the day on. Right now the slow motion moment begins, as sweet caring Holly (Bob and I both think it was a rubbing it in moment HAHA) not knowing what she had on tries to hand the rod to Bob. Enter Mr. Steelhead who decides to make a brief but memorable showing of himself with a classic jumping back flip tail walk, revealing his status as an 8 to 10 pounder. Now of course, the words start  coming very slow out of Bob an I's mouth (NO NO NO Holly reel reel reel!!!), but as the last word is uttered, the line goes slack. The crawdad plug was shook free by the ariel show. The moment now reverts back to full speed as the big ""O""sigh overtakes us all, and on this day, it will be noted another big fish story was put into log books. The river is in great shape after the recent storm so if you are looking somewhere to fish for Steelhead and Trout the upper Klamath is the place to be.

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Klamath River flow below Irongate Reservoir on 12/6/12 - 1180 cfs

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