Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by East Bay Regional Park District


The weather this week has been a little on the warm side with average temperatures in the mid 90s to low 100s. The water temperature is sitting at a beautiful 78 degrees. The hot bite this week is still the striped bass. The stripers are mostly active in the morning from 6 until about 10, and in the evening from about 5-8. Most anglers are fishing boils with top water lures and picking up their limits quickly then moving onto another species. Many anglers are still catching them on Anchovies, Mackerel or Chicken Liver out by the dam.


Many catfish have been caught recently all from 3-10 LBS. Most anglers are fishing in the lower and upper narrows using either Anchovies, Sardines or Night crawlers. While fishing for cats you want to look for cover (fallen trees, weed beds, etc.).


Trout fishing is very slow because of the warm water. To target Trout you need to be in deeper water, and your best bet is by the Dam. They are in twenty to thirty feet of water. Power Bait or Night Crawlers work well.


Black Bass have been showing themselves again with many anglers reporting having caught and released up to 10 bass. Most anglers are using jerk baits (lucky crafts, yo-zuris, rapalas) or worms (either senkos, roboworms, or even night crawlers.) If you don't mind working a little extra the bigger bass are being caught on frogs in the different coves and the shorelines of the upper narrows where there are weedbeds everywhere.

My good friends Al Hurwitz and Abbey Lev came out last week, here is their report. "On 8/11/16, Al Hurwitz of Saratoga and Abbey Lev of Sunnyvale trolled the lake once again for Smallmouth Bass. As usual, they were often located on the windward southern shores of Heron and Swallow Bays. We used Panther Martin lures, but the fish refused to hit any but the dressed feather 1/4 oz spinners. Quite finicky! The lures must mimic the abundant Threadfin Shad. We ended up catching 15-16 fish ranging from very small to 1.75 lbs. Lost a couple of bigger ones that didn't stay hooked. The fish were located 10-15 feet below the surface. Scent applied to the lures helped. Water very clear, surface temps around 75-80 degrees. Suggest trolling rocky shores, points, and subsurface structure. The strikes and fight are very impressive.


The best time to come out and catch striper would be early morning and late evenings. The striper are boiling early morning, so get an early start and bring some topwater lures. Once the boils die down you can still catch them on bait, either anchovies, chicken liver or sardines.


Becky Allgeyer of Oakland caught one catfish weighing 4.15 lbs. She was fishing at the Dam.

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