Davis Lake Update

Davis Lake - Portola, CA (Plumas County)

by J&J's Grizzly Store Staff
(530) 832-0270

Water temp has dropped to 70 with the cold front that just came through.

Bank fishing: Mallard Cove, either wade out and cast or need to have a good arm. Powerbait or worms. On the powerbait been hearing many different colors but garlic scent seemed to be the key.

Fly: damsels are still coming off on the west side, hex on the east side about dusk.

Trolling: Depth has been variable, deeper in the mid to late morning and afternoon. Wee Dick Nite Copper Red Head, Needlefish in Red Dot Frog, Metallic Perch.

Catfish are being caught at Long Point, Coot Bay, Catfish Cove and Eagle Point.

Lake Level is 61%

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