The Dead Sea

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Valerie Aubrey

Fishing is so bad this season for trollers covering 6 to 8 miles per day (some 10-13 miles per day) for 0-1 Eagle Lake trout and a ton tui chubs then come on up. Guides working their butts off for a couple fish, & that's a good day. If you want more than a limit in a week of trolling, go elsewhere until better days come around, or try your luck at bobber fishing or just reconnect with the ancient pond. Regardless, very few fish are coming in by the average angler. After a month of the season it hasn't gotten any better. Mostly small planters and a few trout over 2 lbs and a couple around 4lb, but they are in good shape. Not nearly the numbers rising to the hatch as in years past. It appears that it has nothing to do with the trout not biting...ones being caught are full, it does however appear that there are very few trout in the lake to chase. Fly fishing dying off as well and numbers have been very poor this year, basically about 20%-25%. The new name for Eagle Lake has become "THE DEAD SEA". The food supply looks like it finally took over the pond, tui chub are everywhere. The handful of trout that remain have more food than they can eat & the lake water is like trolling through Jello with very limited visibility. Numbers appear very low and the hold over from the last 2 years seems nearly non existent. Note: If the fishing sucks, we don't lie about it. However, no one seems to be alarmed but the long time anglers who spend more time on the water in a month than your average biologist or scientist does in a year.

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