Solid Fall Fishing

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

by Doug Neal
(530) 258-6732

Solid fall fishing in classic fall weather had many boats hitting Lake Almanor this past week. While fishing pressure was light there were a surprising amount of boats moving thru both basins during the last 10 days. Currently it's snowing and will be clearing by Thanksgiving Day. Cold weather in the forecast.

Lake levels are still very low, use caution. The latest lake levels from the Dept. of Water Resources as of 11/14/2015 are 4,475.98 foot elevation, with 693,929 feet storage, up a little from last week.

Stay away from shallow areas. Two boats this month reported prop damage after hitting rocks as their boats strayed into shallow areas.

Surface temps have dropped to 47 degrees, and clarity is about the same as the last report, between 8 and 10 ft. depending on where you are.

Most reports over the radio or by phone have come from all around the deeper east basin. The west shore has been the ticket for myself and a few other Trollers this past week.

Plumas Pine to the USFS ramp is a short trolling lane that has been producing good action. Rainbows to 4 lbs. have really been getting after fast action lures working the top 12 ft. of water. Trolling speeds from 2.7 to 3.3 have been the most productive. Needlefish, Speedy Shiners, and Moose Looks Wobblers have all reported a variety of fish in all sizes...from 14 inch dinks and 18 inch Browns, but mostly Rainbows over two pounds and up to 4.2 lbs.

Some the usual places like Big Springs, Hamilton Branch, and the east and west sides of the peninsula also reporting a few quality hookups.

Fish have been feeding on smelt all summer and are thick and strong and are providing good battles...even 2 pound fish are a real kick.

Thinking about heading up for some fishing?

Canyon Dam is open with dock, and is the best spot to launch.
The USFS ramp near Prattville is still open however the dock has been pulled.
Rec. 1. is open with dock and larger trailers should use caution as there's not much concrete ramp to work with.
Rec. 2. open with dock and watch those rocks!
Almanor West ramp, no dock.

Lake Haven Resort near the Branch is open, no dock, launch fee required.
Be safe, Happy Thanksgiving...pass the gravy.

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