Salmon Slow Steelhead Good

Trinity River - Douglas City, CA

by Tim Brady
(530) 623-4999

Well our fall salmon run didn't turn out to be much. I guess they over estimated the run numbers again. As a result most of the fish were taken at or near the mouth of the Klamath leaving few to make it up into the headwaters. Oh well!

On a brighter note the steelhead fishing has been pretty good. Wild and hatchery fish are scattered from Lewiston up to Cedar Flat. It seems that from the North Fork downstream to Del Loma is your best bet if you are fishing from the bank. The boat guys are having kind of a tough time as the flows are very low the release from Lewiston is 300 CFS and the tributaries are not adding much.

We need some rain!

Anglers fishing under a float or indicator are doing best. Red copper johns, Golden stones, Hare's ears or Bird's nests are some of the fly patterns producing for the fly fishermen. The gear guys are using small jigs, crawlers, or a small piece of roe. Plugs and spoons are also producing some good fishing.

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