Smiling Smith Salmon

Smith River - Smith River, CA (Del Norte County)

by Phil Desautels
(707) 487-0260

Hello Fishermen, It's King Salmon Season here on the Smith and Chetco. The fishing has been pretty good when we get water. The past couple storms have provided good fishing, but since we have not had a lot of rain it does not last long. We are forecast for some major rain starting this Sunday. Next weeks fishing should be great if we get the water. I have openings and my prices have not changed for 5 years. It's time to go fishing Next report 11/15 Hope you have a world class day! {707} 487-0260 or e-mail me at

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Well I have had a few days off waiting for some rain. Well it finally happen and not near as much as was forecast. It has been cold and we still have a goood amount of snow in the hills above us. The river came upo 3ft last night and had great coler today. We had 5 bites hooked 2 and landed 1 a nice native hen around 9 pounds. A friend of mine was...... Read More

Hey Fishermen, we are back on the Smith and have had alack of fish reports due to a virius in my computer. The fishing has been fair to pretty good. We have been hooking 1s 2s 3s and 4s. Today we hooked 4, but only landed 1. The fish have been smart, strong and have been using everything in the river to get away. Everybody has been having a good time and are quite surprised...... Read More