Lake Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
(510) 544-3146

This week temperatures plummeted, not just the air but the water as well. Water temps are at 66-68 degrees depending on where you’re at on the lake. Due to the cool down the trout are starting to become a lot more active. Mt.Lassen planted 1000 lbs of rainbows by the public launch on OCT 20th. We have been watching trout under the docks for the past week, and some of them are PIGS in the 10 lb class. Some really good trout lures to have in your tackle box are Panther Martins, Kastmasters, Rapala J- 5, and the small Flicker Shad. You should also have a selection of Power-Bait (Dough and Eggs) along with Mice tails made by Power-Bait. More traditional methods are great too. Such as Salmon eggs, Nightcrawlers, and Crickets. I guess you could say that is the natural or organic bait line up. Good places to start fishing for Trout would be the East Beach, West Beach, and anywhere on shore north of the Marina but not past Hetch Hetchy group camp.

Striped Bass are still biting well but not as good as last week. The Smaller Stripes are disappearing for the winter and the void they left is being filled with bigger Stripes such as the 18 pounder last week and 13 pounder this week. They are still eating Anchovies and Sardines if you want to hunker down and soak bait. Other anglers are having great success on top water baits like Spooks, Pencil Poppers, Huli Poppers, and one man did great in the boils with a silver Buzz Bait. Smallmouth Bass can be caught feeding with the Striped Bass on the surface. Catfish are still being caught all over the lake on bait.

Dr.AI was out again for those illusive Smallmouth here is his report. "Hi Danny:

Al Hurwitz of Saratoga and Abbey Lev of Sunnyvale fished on 10/15/15, searching again for Smallmouth Bass. We trotted the lake with Panther Martin spinners. Most of the fish were caught in Swallow Bay and the Narrows off shoreline rocky structure and cover. They were hooked 15-25 feet below the surface in 25-35 foot water columns. The greatest fish biting activity occurred when the afternoon breezes picked up around 2PM, trotting with the wind at our back. Water clarity is excellent throughout the lake. The surface temperatures are around 72 degrees. Caught and released seven Smallmouth and one Largemouth Bass in the 3/4-1.25 lb range----no big boys, but these fish fight hard!

As usual the staff and equipment were great. Always a pleasure to fish here!

All the best, Dr. Al Hurwitz” Thank you now go rip some lips! –Dan.

Anglers of the week:
Trenton and Dj of Santa Clara caught a couple Striped Bass on Anchovies in Swallow Bay
John and Jayden Shauf of San Leandro caught a 6.5 lb Catfish on Shrimp in the Narrows
Tyson Kautz of Hayward caught 2 Striped Bass on Anchovies in Swallow Bay

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