Lake Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
(510) 544-3146

We’re back in the heat again over 100 degree days are making it quite hard to fish all day if you don’t seek shelter in the shade. The water temp is still around 75 and minimal wind. Striped Bass are still on the top but the boils are broken up after a few minutes if that. The boils will pop for a little bit then they drop off the top, move and boil again anywhere from 100 yards up to a half mile away. Average size getting caught out of the boils is anywhere from 18-24 inch shakers and a few 5 pound schoolies. Focus your lure selection on pencil poppers, spooks, jerk baits, hair raisers, and whopper ploppers. Although you can get them on just about any top water bait such as jitterbugs, frogs, or prop baits which have been producing large amounts of fish. Bait fishing is still bagging limits of stripes in the narrows however, Anchovies have stopped being the magic bait and the fish are eating more Sardines now. Sardines have a much higher fat and oil content then Anchovies. In my previous Report I said how the fish are fattening up for winter so that’s why they are changing their feeding habits.

Catfish are slowing down on their bite and I’m not sure why. One theory of mine may be that the lake level is dropping very rapidly and pushing the cats out of their homes and honey holes. That would mean we need to start fishing in different locations to find the new hiding spot. However some cats are still being caught be those who are fishing for them. In that case, Anchovies are still the hot ticket. Those whisker fish can be caught all winter long on Chovies. Some of the biggest catfish we see come out of this lake is when the water and weather are both cold.

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