Don't be late at Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Courtesy of MyOutdoorBuddy

The best bite has been the early one, after that, we have been working for them, but still getting them. Once the sun has been on the water for a short while, the lake has been fishing tough for the average angler. Every day has differed somewhat. On tough days I have gone to very passive trolling flies such as dark brown leeches and tui chub minnow patterns and trolled slow bouncing the bottom in 15 to 25 feet of water. Even later in the morning I have found a few lingering, but all down on the bottom. The trout are very scattered right now but most of our catching out over the deeper water off Lake of the Woods (35 to 50+ft) has been around 15 feet, no matter what we see on the scope.

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The bait fishing bite is slowly beginning to show up off Eagle’s Nest and the Springs has a few trout milling around now, too. On warm, bright, sunny days and flat water when the trout lay low & out of the sun, bait fishing can do pretty well. The deepest trout we have caught was around 32feet deep. Most all our nice solid trout are still coming from 18 to 25 feet. Freelining and slip bobbers are...... Read More

surface temp on the west side off Lake of the Woods has been starting out just below 70F. We can see a slight rise of about 1F by late morning/early afternoon. The east side still holding closer to 70F in the morning and a few spots briefly hit 70F. We can see a 2-3F rise on a hot, calm afternoon. The big spring, generally found south of Miners Point and between Shrimp Island and Eagle’s Nest...... Read More