Eagle Lake trout feasting on chubs

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Courtesy of MyOutdoorBuddy

Tui chubs are hatching. Period. The trout are chasing them. Period. The pelicans are moving scads of bait around but the only way they can get close to them over the deep water is if the trout are pushing that particular school of bait fish up to them. When trolling around the pelicans, the trout have been up as high as 14ft and as low as 24ft. For leadcore trollers I have come up to 3 colors but still doing most the damage at 4 IN the water (I use 18lb leadcore. 12 and 15lb don’t have the same sink rate & you may need a lot more out in the water to get the same depths as I so with 18lb and make lots of zig-zags & lazy turns so your line is working a column of water. I am finding a few trout in 30ft of water but mostly over 40-50ft and every one I have cleaned has been loaded with tui chub minnows. I am still trolling fast at 2.8 to 3.2 mph & I don’t know if the fishing can get much better. But it’s really been all about trolling as the baitfish and trout are on the move chasing the minnows. We are working a ton of fish off the west side & out in the middle leaning to the west side. The trout are just pounding tiny, tiny minnows….nearly “unrecognizable as a minnow” ½ to ¾ of an inch long. I would expect to see this happening on the east side off Black Mt, Eagles Nest and The Springs where there are still trout scattered up and down the whole east side. I have mostly been off Lake of the Woods because it’s working just fine, then I move up by Shrimp & troll across the depths towards Eagles Nest and the east side. It hasn’t mattered where I have started fishing, it’s been mostly about being in pursuit & speed. The tui chub hatch is pretty much going to happen at the same time everywhere. And we pretty much have trout everywhere we have tui chub minnows hatching. This will continue for several weeks & it looks like it’s another good year, which means fat trout & they are fat. These trout don’t necessarily take a lazy worm under a bobber, however, trolling nightcrawlers has held its own. www.eaglelakefishing.net

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