Live biat means great fishing for Halibut & Stripers aboard Flash Sportfishing

by Steve Talmadge

Well Fishermen,

Live bait is Here!!

We started fishing live anchovies on Sunday. The first two trips were half day trips and we tried for halibut for a shot while but then changed over to sharks. The conditions were not just quite right. Wednesday we had a full day trip and targeted halibut and bass. It was a good day as we landed 6 bass to 12 lbs and 2 halibut to 21 lbs. we also had some other opportunities but the fish won those. We targeted sharks today and landed leopards, smooth hounds, crabs, bat rays, skates and a brown rock fish. The tides are good for halibut and the bait in San Francisco is great. Some of the best bait I have seen for this time of year. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sport Fishing


Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA