Along with good Sturgeon action, Flash Sportfishing reports landing a 2 lb. Silver Perch

by Steve Talmadge

Hello Fishermen,

A quick update on Easter Sunday. Yesterday we put in a long day, around 12 hours. We did land a lot of small founders and small bass. We had a surprise in the middle of the day Jennifer, pictured above landed a 2 pound silver perch. We were fishing above buoy 2 in Suisun Bay and I have never seen a perch like this in these waters. We did have quite a bit of sturgeon action. We had some nice bites and we also landed 7 sturgeon.

Unfortunately all the sturgeon were short. We did also see some jumpers around us and the water temperature was over 60 at one point. With the warmer water April is traditionally a great month for sturgeon fishing. I am also going to start soaking some bullheads for the larger bass. Yesterday we had some bullhead out but no takers yet. I have trips going all this next week with some light loads if you would like to join us. My last trip will be the 27th of April. So now is the time to get your surgeon before we start live bait fishing and ocean fishing. Enjoy the photograph of Jennifer and her rare catch. This was her very 1st fishing trip and 1st time catching fish.

Captain Steve Talmadge


Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA