Mammoth Lake Fish Report

Mammoth Lakes - (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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The Fish Report - July 24, 2008

Water Conditions: Excellent

Water conditions for all the lakes are still great. We may see a few more people at the basin lakes this week due to the lovely holiday weekend. I see the increase in traffic as a good thing, it is a perfect excuse for us to drag out our dusty float tubes and go for a nice kick around on a hot day.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

Fly fishing conditions at the Twin Lakes and Mamie are excellent with abundant midges coming off early in the morning, and again in the evening, bringing fish to the surface for some fun dry fly action. During the mid morning, we are seeing good hatches of Callibaetis, and Damselflies, especially along the weedbeds of Lower and Middle Twin. Lake George has been producing some nice Alpers, as well as Lake Mary, on streamers.

Recommended Flies:

#16-22 Zebra and Tiger Midge, #14-16 Pheasant tail, #14-16 Hare's Ear (tan), #14-16 Birds Nest(tan),#14-16 Jensen's Callibaetis, #12 Marabou Damsel
#14-22 Adams and Parachute Adams, #16-22 Griffiths Gnat, #16-20 Sierra Bright Dot, #12-16 Black Ant,
#12 Twin Lakes Special (olive), #6-12 Wooly Bugger (black, olive, brown), #10-12 Matukas (olive)

Guides Hint: Take a hike to sample some awesome backcountry fishing up Coldwater Creek.

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