If you can get out on the lake, the fishing at Lewiston Lake has been good

Lewiston Lake - Lewiston, CA (Trinity County)

by The Fly Shop

Current Lake Conditions: Lots of snow fell on 12/06. The boat ramp should be accessible by Monday. Maybe. the cold weather over the next few days will allow the snow to stick around. If you can get out on the lake, the fishing has been good! Anglers fishing #18-20 midge patterns, leech patterns and buggers are finding good numbers of hook ups. Fun!

There's almost always something going on at Lewiston Lake. Conditions are low, but the fishing has been good through the AM hours, tapering after 2:00 PM. This lake really fishes consistently well. The Trinity River is nearby and gets practically all the attention during the month of December, but there's good fishing at Lewiston Lake and only a few anglers take advantage of it. What should you expect? Leech patterns retrieved on Type III sink tips or full sink Type I lines can produce aggressive grabs. Suspending midge patterns under small indicators is a reliable technique. Bring your float tube or pram. Enjoy!

The Fly Shop's Tips: A productive technique is suspending #22 red zebra midges or Gidgets under a treated piece of poly yarn. A single BB shot will get the flies down deep. About 7-8 feet. When using indicators, the takes can be difficult to see and detect. Successful indicator anglers keep the flies in the water, sometimes letting the drift extend all the way to the backing, then low and slow retrieve. Sink tip fly lines allow anglers to retrieve leeches, buggers and small nymphs fast or slow. This lake is best fished from a motorized boat, pram or pontoon boat. Float tubes are fine if you are okay with walking back up to the parking lot after the slow current of Lewiston pushes you south of the boat ramp.

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Parachute Adams #14
• Hackle Stackers - BWO #18
• Parachute Adams - #14-18
• Fox's Scum Dun #14
• Mayfly Cripples
• Mercer's Poxyback Callibaetis Emerger

Nymphs / Wet Flies:
• CB Frostbites - #18
• Sparkle Scuds #14-16
• Pseudo Mays in brown and/or olive - #16-18
• Lightnin's Biot Baetis #16-18
• Tobinator - Rust #16
• Ultra Scuds #16
• Sparkle Scuds
• Serendipity - #20
• Chromies - #18-20
• Mercer's Micro May - Black #18
• BH Pheasant Tail Nymph #16-18
• Pheasant Tail Nymph #14-16
• Sparkle Scuds - #14-16
• Zebra Midges - #18-20
• Mercer's Gidgets

Streamers / Leeches:
• Translucent Wiggle Tail
• Woolly Bugger (Any)
• Zack's Swimming Leech - #8
• Zack's Damseleech - Orange/Olive

Fly Fishing Gear:
• Outcast Fish Cat 9-IR
• Simms Freestone Stocking-foot Waders
• Patagonia's Riverwalker Rubber Sole Boot
• Dinsmore Removable Egg Shape Shot
• Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer

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