It's a great time to fish the Trinity, water conditions will be great thru next week as temps warm

Trinity River - Douglas City, CA

by The Fly Shop

Current River Conditions: Water conditions will be great through next week as daytime temps warm up, creating snow melt. River releases at Douglas City are 338 CFS. Fishing has been good for a majority of anglers this week while some anglers are having a tough time finding fish. It's a great time to fish the Trinity. Best flies have been #6 black or brown rubber legs, #16 Poxyback PMDs, Egg patterns in pink or salmon egg.

Look for the best bite late in the morning or right at sunset.

Look for rising brown trout in the flats late morning through early afternoon. You can get them on small BWO dries.

The steelhead will move in no matter what, but with low clear water conditions, steelhead move slow and that can be great as long as they are in the neighborhood. Know what I mean? Most anglers are working hard for 1-2 hook ups a day and quite honestly that's perfectly acceptable. Add a couple big 23" brown trout into the fray and Bam! That's a very good time! Just remember, these are steelhead. There's not a lot of them. They have to show up. You can"t trust them. Go and enjoy but avoid a numbers mentality. Certainly those days when the hook ups add up happen, but really... not every day or every week. The best days of the '13/'14 season are ahead of us. Rain always makes the fishing pop!

Also, if you want to find great fishing near Lewiston, Ca and the Trinity River, we recommend Lewiston Lake!

The Fly Shop's Tips: A variety of techniques, using your 8-9wt rod for Salmon (in July-August), or a more adaptable 5-6 wt fly rod for small steelhead and aggressive browns will tie you into fish. Suspending nymphs under an indicator, stripping buggers and leeches, swinging muddlers or PT nymphs will produce hook-ups! Even dry flies should be in the plan. Bring a parachute Adams! Hey! In July-August, the King Salmon will eat nymphs suspended under indicators. What a blast!

Road Conditions:
Chain controls should be expected during stormy conditions. Bring chains. The roads around Lewistion, Weaverville and Junction City will be icy. Call 1-800.427.7623 for up to date Northern California Road Conditions.

Water Flows:
Trinity River Flows
Dreamflows - Trinity River

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• CDC Dun - BWO
• Hackle Winged May - BWO

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• TDF GBRL Prince
• RK BH Big Bird
• Mercer's Poxy-Back Hares Ear #8-14
• Psycho Princes - Purple
• Mercer's Poxyback GB PMD #16
• Mercer's Poxyback GB Hares Ears #8-14
• BH Flashback P.T. Nymphs #12-14
• Red Copper John #12-14
• TB Solitude Stone - #8
• Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown & Black #6-8,
• Mercer's TB Oct Caddis
• Morejohn's Comeback Caddis - October
• Skip's Bead Head October Caddis
• Tungsten Oct Pewpah
• Zack's Oct Zaddis

• Boles Bazookas - #8
• Micro Spawn Eggs - Pink & Salmon Egg
• M.C. Redd Reapers
• Clown Egg - #4-10

• CH Kiwi Muddlers
• CH Lightning Bugger #6
• Freshwater Clouser (Any)
• Dietz's Sculpins #4

Fly Fishing Gear:
• The Fly Shop's Fresh H2O Fly Rods 4-5 wt
• The Fly Shop's L2a Fly Reels
• RIO Gold Floating Fly Line
• Simms G3 Guide Jacket
• Flexi-Wrap
• Hardbite™ Star Cleats - Simms
• Modern Spey Casting DVD

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