Most Alpine Lakes are in good shape and fishing well.

Alpine Lakes - CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Planting has been steady/good in these locations this season. Some of the popular lakes are very low with poor habitat for trout-thus not being planted currently. The excess fish are going into those that have water making them more productive. Tubing these locations is always preferable to shoreline presentations. Full sinking lines, or heavy, long sinking tips will get you down quickly along the ledges and drop-offs where you will find concentrations of rainbows. I like Agent Orange, Crystal Leeches, Spruce-A-Bu's, & Loebergs in these locations. Tie a "Killer-baetis" or midge pattern behind the streamer about 2 feet for a two pronged attack. There are some wild brookies and browns in some of these locations and you have a good shot at fooling them using this rig.

Pictured: Convict Lake is in very good condition with a beautiful back drop of fall colors.

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