Cooler, wetter weather over the past week has been good for the fishing on the Upper Sacramento

Sacramento River - Upper - Siskiyou, CA (Siskiyou County)

by The Fly Shop

Current River Conditions: Best angling happens in the early AM hours thanks to midges and some #16-18 dark/black caddis. The evening fishing has been good this week as well. Mercer's Missing Link is a good dry fly for the early evening session. As for the rest of the river, expect to fish deep with nymphs mid day. Water temps are down lower in the river. Big fish reports are typical along the lower river when water temps finally drop thanks to cooler, Autumn temps.

The Fly Shop's Tips: Fish small #16-18 dark colored nymphs in addition to #6-8 dark stonefly patterns for best results. Have a few #16 Parachute Adams handy. Pat's rubber legs is another good fly to have in your fly box. The rainbows of the Upper Sacramento river eat flies that are served up deep, in the rocks. Sometimes the indicator gets in the way of detecting strikes. These fish are really good at sampling a pattern, then spitting it out. Try fishing using the "high-stick" and "short line" technique. Use one or two SSG sized split shot to get the flies down fast. Buy lots of flies! You will loose many to the rocks!

Fish woolly buggers!

When nymphing on the Upper Sacramento River, always use double the amount of shot in order to get the flies down to the fish in the faster, bubbly water. If a run calls for one SSG, put on two. If you're not ticking the bottom from time to time (yes, this means losing a few flies), you're probably not getting down to where the fish are feeding. Use stronger tippet like 2X-3X for bigger flies in the #6-10 range, 4X for smaller #16-18. Keep your first fly within 6-8 inches of your split shot. Stronger tippet means fewer flies will be left on the bottom of the river. Sink tip lines with streamers attached are a good plan when there is room to cast.

Water Flows:
Upper Sacramento River Flows

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry Flies:

• Fat Albert - Tan #6-14
• Stimulators - Yellow
• Orange Stimulator - #6-8
• Cutter's E/C Caddis Olive #16
• Mercer's Missing Link Dark - #14-16
• Parachute Adams - #14-16
• Adams - #16-18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• Zebra Midge #18-20
• Mercury Black Beauty
• Mercer's Glass Bead Micro May #22
• Zack's Pseudo May - Black #16-18
• Zack's Thermanator Dark Stone #6
• Mercer's GB Dark Stone #8
• Sylvie's TB Rock Worm
• Mercer's Dark Stone #6
• Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown #6-8
• GB Birds Nest - #12-14
• Gordon's Amber Wing Prince #12-18
• Swink's BTS
• Micro Mayfly - #14-16

• Sheila Sculpin
• Woolly Buggers
• Muddler Minnows - #10

Fly Fishing Gear:
• The Fly Shop's Tapered Nylon Leaders
• The Fly Shop's Tough Nylon Tippet
• Simms Dry Creek™ Chest Pack
• Patagonia's Double Haul
• C&F S Series Waterproof Fly Boxes
• Dr. Slick/TFS Quick Release Forceps

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