Flows on the Little Truckee are extremely low

Little Truckee River - CA (Sierra County)

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Flows on the Little Truckee are down to 26 CFS. Normally as fall sets in and it becomes important to hold water in Stampede Reservoir the flows drop fast. As expected it happened early this year. 26 CFS is an extremely low flow on the Little Truckee and it could stay this way through the entire fall season. The grass and moss on the bottom of the river is starting to die off and fall apart as cooler weather sets in. This makes it very hard to fish with any kind of sinking flies and it even gets on dry flies occasionally. The fish are going to have to start to head for the larger pools that hold more water. This means more pressure in less holding water. There are fewer anglers fishing the Little Truckee due to the tough fishing conditions and time of year. If you are going to fish the Little Truckee in the coming weeks try Nymphing with only one fly either under a dry fly or a very camouflaged indicator. Don't fish your flies as deep as normal and check them often for grass and moss. If you are dry fly fishing you also need to keep an eye on your flies for grass or moss. Make sure they are riding high and having dry shake with you is a must. There are not too many fish rising but you can find one or two if you look hard. Wear natural colored clothing and take your time. It is not necessarily important to get there early for the fishing but you may not find a good spot if you don't, especially in the top parking lot where there usually will be many more fish and anglers at these flows.

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