Fished at Keswick Reservior the other eveing & found great fishing late in the swirls near the dam

Keswick Reservoir - Redding, CA (Shasta County)

by The Fly Shop

Current Reservoir Conditions: Fishing better this week. Fished for about an hour and had fish on most of the time. Nothing giant, but fun! They ate Clouser Minnows fished on a Type VII full sink.

The Fly Shop's Tips: Suspending Bird's Nests, midge patterns and Pseudo Mays under indicators will work well. For the springtime caddis, try a #14-16 Amber Wing Prince or Sylvie's Pupa in black. Suspended your nymphs under an indicator. Use BB shot to sink your nymphs when fishing the edges of the swirly water found in the upper reservoir. Look for the fish in the slower swirls along the edges above Crystal Creek. The key is moving up into the moving water section of Keswick. Fishing the eddies next to the banks, between boulders, where it's shallow can be productive. Stay low Fishing a Deep-7 on a 7-weight fly rod, stripping buggers has been productive.

A motorized boat is a must for gaining access to the part of this reservoir that holds concentrated numbers of rainbow trout. Motor up towards Shasta Dam, look for slow water and big eddies near boulders. Swing, suspend, strip nymphs, leeches. Dry fly fishing happens late in the summer, near sunset. There are big brown trout here....waiting.

Suggested Flies:

Dry Flies:

• Mercer's Missing Link #16-18
• Adams #14-16
• Mercer's Parachute Profile Spinners #16

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
• RK Frosty Flatulator Chironomid #14-18
• Tak's Chironomid
• Chromie #16-18
• Mercer's Gidget
• Pseudo May - #16-18
• GB San Juan Worm - #12
• Mercer's Biot Epoxy Golden Stones #8-12
• Chan's CB Frostbite Midge #16-18
• Chironomid Bomber - Any color #12
• Micro Mayfly - Brown #16-18
• Pat's Rubberlegs - Brown #6-8
• CB Birds Nest - #10-14

• Bead Belly Leeches
• Crystal Buggers
• Beaded Lite Brite Buggers
• Freshwater Clousers - #6
• Double Bunny - #2
• Zonkers - Natural #4
• BH Halebopp Leech - Olive/Dark Olive #8

Fly Fishing Gear:
• Boles Float Rite Yarn Indicators
• Mucilin Fly Line Silicone
• MayFly™ Troutfisher Lanyard
• Cablz
• William Joseph Squall Jacket
• Fly-Mate Floatable Foam Fly Boxes

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