Its Salmon time on the Lower Sac!

Sacramento River - CA

by Andrew Harris

The Lower Sacramento River between Redding and Red Bluff is possibly California ´s premier wild trout fishery. It is one of the few destinations where anglers can expect to hook into 18+" fish on a regular basis. We fish the Lower Sac from drift boats. Great fishing can be had at any time of year on the Lower Sac!

Lower Sac 4 days ago, by Andrew:
I can't take any credit for this (other than for watching the kids), but my wife Katie went salmon fishing with some friends today and caught this huge king salmon on the Lower Sac!

Lower Sac: Aug 3, by Randy:
Perfect Weather I guided Sarah and Ryan from Genoa NV on Sat. We had perfect weather for August, low 90's, partly cloudy and just a slight breeze. It was the nicest day I've had on the Lower Sac in some time. Unfortunetly the fish didn't take notice. We floated from Bonneyview to Balls Ferry and fished hard but were only rewarded with a few fish. There was little to no insect activity through out the day so I guess the fish took the day off.

Tomorrow will be a different story, always is. The flows have begun to drop and stabilize, currently 11,982 cfs, after the summer peak flows, the fishing will only get better on the Lower Sac from here on out.

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